Verado 300 5.44" 1.85 Offshore (25 or 30")

Verado 300 5.44" 1.85 Offshore (25 or 30")

$ 22,770.00 $ 18,999.00

Offshore and Heavy Duty Gearcases.

The ultra-robust 5.44-inch-diameter Offshore gearcase is designed and built to handle offshore seas and provide extra lift for longer, heavier center-consoles and walkarounds. It features larger, stronger gears and heavy-duty bearings and components that are five times stronger than those in a standard gearcase. Companion engines: Standard on Verado® 300 hp, 250 hp and 225 hp.

The Heavy Duty gearcase is perfect for more aggressive go-fast boats and commercial offshore applications that operate in rough seas or want that extra mile per hour.  We pair our Offshore 5.44-inch gearcase with a 1.75 gear ratio and 1.25-inch prop shaft for added durability. Companion engines: Standard on Verado 350 hp and optional on Verado 300 hp.

For boats equipped with Mercury Joystick Piloting that exceed 60 mph, a specially designed "cambered" skeg option results in the best driving experience and overall engine performance.


Lightweight / Compact Design

At just 668 pounds, the Verado 350 is 95 pounds lighter than its competition, and its compact design allows for 26" engine spacing and less stress on the transom. 


World-Class Design.

Our long-bolt design anchors the block and cylinder head to the bedplate and eliminates the effects of expansion and contraction. An exclusive oil cooler maintains optimal oil temperature to extend the life of the engine.

In addition, the Verado valve train is maintenance-free for the life of the engine


Joystick Piloting for Outboards.

With a simple push or twist of a joystick it’s possible to maneuver a boat in virtually any direction – sideways, diagonally or spinning the boat on its axis.

Control dual, triple or quad Verado 250hp, 300hp or 350hp outboards, even in challenging wind and current conditions. This system integrates seamlessly with SmartCraft® Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) and electro-hydraulic power steering, while standard integrated autopilot provides Auto Heading and Waypoint Sequencing.

Also available with Skyhook®, a digital GPS positioning system which can hold a boat in position while fishing or waiting for bridges to open.


Smoothest, quietest.

The inherently balanced in-line six-cylinder engine and our Advanced Mid Section (AMS) with perimeter mounts virtually eliminate vibration in the boat. Perfect for sneaking up on fish or cruising on luxury pontoons.

Driving Experience.

SmartCraft® Digital Throttle & Shift provides smooth, instantaneous, predictable and quiet shifting, as well as ultra-responsive throttle control, while true Power Steering (standard on six-cylinder models) delivers precision steering without undesirable steering torque.

Mercury “shadow technology” eliminates the hassle of grappling with multiple engine levers when running with triple or quadruple outboards. Shadow mode controls up to four engines with just two levers from as many as two helm stations.


·        250 or 300

Engine type

·        Inline 6

Displacement (L)

·        2.6

Full throttle RPM

·        5800-6400

Air induction

·        Supercharged with charge air cooling and electronic boost pressure control

Fuel induction system

·        Sequential multi-port electronic fuel injection (EFI)

Alternator amp / Watt

·        70 amp / 882 watt (Belt-Driven)

Recommended fuel

·        Unleaded Regular 87 Octane Minimum (R+M)/2 or 91 RON Unleaded 91 Octane or 95 RON for premium performance in all conditions 10% Ethanol Maximum

Recommended oil

·        Mercury FourStroke 25W40 Marine Oil

Engine protection operator warning system

·        SmartCraft Engine Guardian

Compatible with SmartCraft digital technology

·        Yes


·        Smart Start Electric


·        SmartCraft Digital


·        Electro-hydraulic power steering

Shaft length

·        25" / 635 mm

·        30" / 762 mm

Gearcase ratio

·        1.85:1

Dry weight *Lightest model available

·        635 lbs / 288 kg

CARB star rating

·        2

Gearcase options

·        5.44"

Counter Rotation

·        Available


·        Phantom Black



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